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Mercian M-Tek Face Mask

Mercian M-Tek Face Mask

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  • Senior Mercian plastic face mask for penalty corner defense.
  • Cloth covered foam backing for comfort and impact absorption.
  • Clear shell allows for maximum visibility.
  • Elasticated fitting. Larger wrap around style for increased coverage.
  • 4 masks for the price of 3! Add 4 masks to your cart to receive automatic discount
  • Note: This product is designed to reduce the severity and frequency of injuries attained by defenders during the short corner phase of field hockey. However, no equipment can prevent all possible injuries, and severe head, brain or spinal injuries including paralysis or death may still occur despite using this product. This product will not guard against neck, throat or spinal injury. Mercian and it's agents cannot guarantee the safety of the user when using this product.
  • Do not use for any activities outside of field hockey. This product should not be used after a severe impact. Discard and purchase a new one.
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Player Profile

  • The Evolution CKF65 is a high-quality, medium-carbon
    stick with the Ultimate (24.5mm @ 200mm) or Pro (24mm @230mm) bend It is
    suitable for almost any level of player, the carbon percentage offers good energy transfer and therefore power for hits and slaps. 
  • The open-face of the Ultimate model helps to lift the ball - drag flicks, 3D skills, aerials, with the additional bend helping stick turnover and
    therefore lateral ball movement. 
  • ULTIMATE BEND VERSION: Intermediate Defenders - ball carriers, elimination skills, push passes, overhead passes, slingshot / sliders / slap-push. 
    Intermediate midfield player Midfield - running skills, elimination,
    lifted short passes, 3D skills, lifted shots 
  • ULTIMATE BEND VERSION: Intermediate forwards - running elimination skills, lateral dribbles (indian dribble), lifted slap and hit shooting, easier control because of reduced carbon compared to Elite series.