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The Evolution CKF55 is a 55% carbon model with the high-quality Toray carbon placed in multi-direction laminate sheets (creates strength in all directions) across a (30%) fiberglass skeleton and with integrated fiberglass laminates giving great touch and feel with the (15%) Kevlar increasing durability, stiffness and laminate bonding. Available in the specialist Xtreme bend. (24.5mm @ 200mm)

  • 55% Carbon
  • Xtreme bend (24.5mm @ 200mm)
  • Dual-process vibration control (Piezo-Electric fibers, M-Gel)
  • Nano-Polymer Resin
  • High Friction Face
  • Cold Touch Lacquer
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Player Profile

  • The Evolution CKF55 is a good-quality, intermediate carbon percentage composite stick suitable for a wide variety of players. 
  • The 55% carbon gives a good level of energy transfer but also good ball control because of the softer feel associated with a lower carbon, higher fibreglass mix. 
  • The Pro Bend offers a 24mm bend at 230mm from the head, allowing 3D skills, overhead passes and drag flick execution, but without the aggression of the Ultimate bend, making it suitable for a wider range of player. 
  • Suitable for defenders who want to execute a wide range of skills - running with the ball, hitting and slapping because of the lower balance point, lifted ball skills. (Tackling is skill, not stick, dependant). 
  • Suitable for midfield players who like to carry the ball at speed through space, distribute using push, hit and slap passes and shoot when the opportunity allows, with extra control because of the angle of the face. 
  • Suitable for attacking players who want the feel offered with the lower carbon, but the head weighting of the Pro bend to aid hitting power for effective shots. The open face does help 3D skills, but retains the alignment between hands and stick face that can be compromised with an overly aggressive bend.