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The second model in the Elite range, the 95% carbon lay-up is placed across a fiberglass micro-skeleton giving more touch and feel than the CK95. The Pro Bend is suited for a wide variety of playing styles, without the aggression of the Ultimate bend. The CF95 also incorporates the x-fiber backhand edge reinforcement. Dual spine (three internal chambers) for extra stiffness,


  • 95% Carbon
  • Pro Low Bend (24mm @ 230mm)
  • Dual Spine
  • Dual process vibration control (Piezo-Electric fibers, M-Gel)
  • Nano-Polymer Resin
  • X-fiber backhand edge
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Player Profile

The Elite CF95 is an low bow (24MM @ 230MM), high carbon stick. It suits aspirational intermediate players or elite athletes*. 

The Pro Bend is a standard low bow which eases the execution of drag
flicks, 3D skills and overhead passes, but is also suitable for
standard slaps, hits and great close control. 

It is suitable for a (advanced*) defensive player who enjoys push
passing, hitting and slapping as primary skills. (Jab and block tackling
are skill, not stick, dependent). The lower balance point gives some
head weight to aid ball control. 

It is suitable for a (advanced*) midfield player who enjoys running
with the ball but is not focused on lifting the ball off the ground. The
head weighting aids hitting for shooting and passing as well as tight

It is suitable for a (advanced*) forward who likes to focus on
accurate control, powerful hit and slap shots and running with the ball
with controlled movement.